How to fake a Bob with long hair

I just cut and pasted the blog below from the tristinstyling site in the “ask tristinstyling” column of their fashion blog.
Check it out!

Time: Thursday, March 20th, 2008 at 2:24 pm
Subject: Ask tristinstyling: How do I get hair like Eva Longoria?

I have long hair and want to know how to style it so it looks short but styled. How do I get hair like Eva Longoria in this picture?

To get this look with long hair is easy. All you need to do is section the hair on your head off and roll and bobby pin. Then simply finish it all off with some hairspray and hair pins. Take a look at this Ford Models video which explains it all step by step.

Fordmodels Video:
How to: Make an Eva Longoria Bob

(Johnny Lavoy shows how to fake a bob with curled hair, which is a look made popular by Eva Longoria.)


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